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Information Technology (IT) holds a very vital position in world today. For every business (large or small scale), Governments parastatal, multinational corporations, and even individuals, information plays a very large role because it connects them to the world. The access of information through the internet has open doors to a lot of opportunities in the world today. Series of advancements in Information Technology have minimized to a large extent a lot of rigorous processes and every day activities carried out by individuals, small and large enterprises, public and private corporations, institutions of learning and other areas of life.

For Ogun State to however maintain, sustain and remain in the IT fold, it becomes relatively essential to train individuals and students of higher institutions of learning to know what and how relevant IT services is, and how to provide it to those who need them. For instance, many companies require communication services, Inventory management services, Data management services, Management Information System (MIS) services etc.

This shows the importance of information technology knowledge in any country, state and environment. Ogun state understands that technology is the one of the main language the world understands now and it would be the only language the world understands in future, so they are not leaving any stones unturned. In January the government of Ogun state earmarked $1 million seed fund for technological development of the State with a view to feeding major investments with required technological prerequisites.



There is a need for places where teamwork and resources can be harnessed for IT innovative solutions such that IT talents will have a platform to express themselves and come up with veritable solutions for the development of the State. It must be noted that Infrastructures and Software can only be well managed with a workforce that has adequate Knowledge and required skills in Information Systems.

IT Hubs would be a place where resources would meet with IT Knowledge and Skills, working to provide innovative solutions to problems in the developmental strides of Ogun State. Here, the investor is expected to pioneer these hubs for a competitive fee and manage it for profit maximization.


To drive projects that arise as a result of other investment opportunities, a large pool of Hardware and Computer accessories are required. This opens up opportunities for those in the field of computer hardware manufacturing. Internet data has become a major resource for access to relevant information in the development of any worthwhile project. Hence, the demand for Internet data has grown so wide that more supply is required.

Individuals, Organizations and Businesses all require unlimited access to the Information on the Internet for Business growth and development.

Opportunities abound in this sector for Business Organizations that have the wherewithal in terms of resources to invest in putting up internet facilities in choice cities in the State. They are assured of Government support to provide the backings and policies needed to ensure they have value for their investment and eventually profit from it even as the socio-economic level of the State is greatly improved.


Data has been said to be the new oil or gold, as major economies are shifting from oil and diversifying into other sectors, especially technology. Investors require real time data to make effective, efficient and profitable investment decisions. This is needed so as to ensure financial resources are put to use where they are truly needed to solve a myriad of problems.

IT Training Centre is responsible for the training of students to become proficient in Information Technology with the use of computational tools, various software packages and other tech instructional equipment and materials. The services of the Centers can be rendered through schools and select areas across the State.

Opportunities abound in Ogun State for Data mining, in sectors such as Commerce, Education, Health, etc. Consulting Organizations that have expertise in Data mining and analytics are required to come in and invest in these opportunities. They would partner with the State Government to provide real time data for investment decisions in the State.


Ogun State has been in the lead when it comes to e-governance in Nigeria. Many government services have been automated to be provided and accessed through Information Technology. Examples are in the area of Staff Payroll System used in the Consortium for Administration of Salaries and Pension, the GIS used in the Bureau of Lands and Survey to mention a few. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement, development and investment.

PPP (Public-Private Partnership) arrangements with the State and Local Governments in the area of e-governance is widely opened for IT Organization to tap into.  ICT Organization can take advantage of this by providing new and innovative Information Systems which the State can integrate into existing systems.

Areas such as Education, Health, Revenue generation and many more still require Information Systems to drive the State’s e-governance agenda. This is sure going to be a worthwhile investment for the right Organizations. The State would require Computer Companies that can practice reverse engineering to champion the cause of making Computer hardware and its components available in sufficient manner.

Source: Ogun investors forum

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