Mar 19, 2019


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Ogun state currently the nation’s number one industrial hub given the fact that more than 140 industries have trooped into the state in the last few years; these has given room for small scale business investment opportunities in the state.

The influx of the companies into the state means more people will troop into the state as a result of being employed into one of these companies, which means the demand for some basic commodities in the state will be on the rise. In lieu of these invest Ogun considers the businesses that will thrive along with the development in the state.

Mining: This is the act of digging valuables minerals out of the ground with the purpose of using it, and the state being blessed with natural resources is an open ground for anyone who is willing to go into this business. Examples of the resources found in the state are granite, bitumen and limestone amongst others. These can be used for construction or building especially with developments springing up from all parts of the state and federation e g roads, companies, houses etc. Limestone can also be used in agriculture to neutralize acid soil.

Transportation: Transportation is one of the businesses that will definitely yield interest if ventured into, with the population in the state on the increase; commuters will need transportation to move from place to place in other to carry out their businesses.

Also, farmers will need vehicles to convey their goods from the farm to the market. Another point is that some of the people that live in Ogun state work in Lagos, and transportation will be needed to move from house to their offices, or to carry out their businesses. With the rehabilitation and construction of new roads and bridges, worrying about state of the road will no longer be a problem.

Agriculture: Food is very important to every living thing since more people now resides within the state, the demand and consumption for consumable goods will be high, you can also link with some of the company that are producing consumable good and become the supplier of the farm produce that is needed as the raw material plus Ogun is close to Lagos and Benin republic, where there are large markets for farm produce. Also, the ban on the importation of some product like tin tomatoes, Rice amidst other has opened up avenue to invest in the agricultural sector, the growing Africa population, the food scarcity bedeviling the state also made agriculture a reputable fit for investment in the state.

Another advantage is that the state has cheap lands in abundance, and the present administration has made acquiring of land within the state an easy thing.

Real Estate: The proximity between Ogun and Lagos state makes it difficult to differentiate some towns between the two states. Many people who have businesses or are working in Lagos state prefer to live in Ogun because accommodation is cheaper in the state.

The recent trooping in of companies into the state has brought in more people into the state signaling the need for accommodation. So, if you are financially capable, real estate or mini – estates in towns that are closer to Lagos or the location of these companies, you will be sure to have tenants no sooner than they are completed. The fact that there are established estates within the state does not mean that you can start yours, just like the adage says that the sky is big enough for every bird to fly without touching one another.

Power/Energy: The increase in the number of companies and factories in the state requires the need for steady electricity to run the machines in the various establishments, this which has been unavailable has given room for the need to invest into this sector.

Steady electricity is something that investors will want to pay for in other to continue to run their businesses, as the state government is looking to generate power and increase the megawatt that is been generated in the state through independent power producers, investors can key into this opportunity and invest in it.

Manufacturing: This is one of the sectors with various opportunities for investments. There are various things that can be manufactured in the state which will be well patronized, some of which are: paper making, textile, furniture, and even wires and cables.

Timber: Timber business is another business that one can start in Ogun state given to the fact that it’s a place with very rich forest spread across it. What’s more, apart from Lagos and ECOWAS markets that it can be moved to, there are industries in the state that will need it for production purpose. All you need to do is get your permit/ license both from the federal and the (Ogun) state government before you can start this business.

These are many more are the various business opportunities in Ogun state.

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